Golf Photos 2002

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The Meyer Family  has started with golf. On this page we we will show you some of the progress we have had so far. We started with our first lesson in October 2002, and it took 6 months of training on the driving range before we dared to go out on a golf course. We are now slowly starting to feel more and more confident about the game. Check the golf courses we have played by clicking here!

One of Inger's first lessons

One of Morten's first lessons

Two beginner golfers

It is hot even on the driving range

Fredrik loves putting courses

Inger at Seri Selangor golf course


Night golf at Orchid Country Club, Singapore

Buggy with GPS

Inger and Fredrik at Guthrie course

The golfers

Fredrik joins us some times

Awana golf course

Awana Kijal, East Cosat

Roger Hedlund on the bach at Awana

Morten at KGPA golf course

Thomas, Bj÷rn, Peter og Morten at KGPA

Morten at The Club Bandar Utama

At KPGA golf course with Elisabeth Gerdman

Thomas, Peter and Morten at Bandar Utama

Golf Malaysia Magazine - Tee off in KL - Malaysian Golf Courses - Troms° Golf Course

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